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Which Types of Street Lights Should You Get?

There are several different types of street lights commonly found in commercial lighting field. A street light is basically a Lumineering system that is used commonly in public places, roads outside large buildings. It typically begins to flash at night or at dusk, and subsequently goes out at dawn. The main use of street lamps is to illuminate paths and to deter motorists from using them, especially on holidays when they are not lit up. In residential areas, street lamps are also installed to illuminate gardens at night.
One can find many types of street lights for residential and commercial purposes. A lamp post is a type of common street lighting that is usually cost-effective and provides good visibility. These are also commonly placed on the side of the road where there are trees or on sides of busy streets.
Foot candles also known as 'flying lamp' are another commonly used type of street light. They are mounted on poles and taller lights are put on top of them, so that the entire pole structure glows with light even when it is not lit up. It consumes a lot less energy than other types of street lights and is more visible during the day time. Foot candles tend to be quite a bit higher than other street lights, which makes them costlier, but the extra cost is worth it when you consider its performance.
Another very popular type of Lighting is the 'peel-off' lamp. These lamps are usually mounted in pairs on either side of a street light pole. The pair of lamps are meant to be installed in such a way that the inner one protrudes slightly from the outer bulb. This allows the inner bulb to emit light without being obstructed by the outer bulb. This type of Lighting has a long lifespan, which as already mentioned, is usually quite a bit longer than any other Lighting available on the market.
Finally, we will look at the most popular Lighting option - the LED Street Light. The LED's are very efficient, long lasting and use very little electricity. In fact they consume only a fraction of what a regular bulb would consume in order to provide the same brightness. This makes them very economical to use and highly sustainable. So in terms of Price/Longevity, the LED's beat all other types of street lights hands down.
As you can see, LED's have many advantages over any other types of street lights. They are long lasting, energy efficient and give off very little heat emission. In terms of price, the LED's are generally more expensive than any other type of Lighting system, however the price of each individual LED light can eventually be offset by the amount of years you will have to pay for their service. When deciding on which outdoor lighting system to get, make sure you consider all options available to you, from regular incandescent bulbs to LED's and beyond.
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