High Mast Lighting in Angola Airport


Project:High Mast Lighting Installations in Angola Airport 

high mast lighting, street light, lamp post, lamppost, pole light or street lamp is a movable object designed to bear illumination on the roadside or side of a road.High mast lighting objects are placed in strategic locations to provide visibility for the drivers and for other motorists. They provide safety by discouraging speeding and creating visibility for the emergency vehicles. They also improve the appearance of the road and make it more organized.

Public lighting differ from other street lights in terms of their shape, size and mounting. For instance, lampposts and street lights are not identical. One is fixed on the pole and the other is installed on the roof. Other than being mounted on the pole they also differ in shape. A light post is round in shape, whereas street lights are usually of oval shape.

High mast lighting sources are categorized into three main categories namely, electricity powered, gas lighting and solar lighting. The electrical system is controlled either by means of sensors or electronic devices. On the other hand, gas lighting and solar powered are environmentally friendly as they do not use electricity. Gas lighting uses oil to function and solar powered lights use solar energy. This makes them the most eco-friendly ones as they do not contribute to air pollution.
Another major cause of light pollution is vehicle lighting. Most of the vehicles in the streets are fitted with LED (light emitting diode) bulbs that emit light at a high temperature. These bulbs release heat that can cause harm to the ozone layer. Hence, car owners are highly recommended to reduce the emission of their vehicles by installing low wattage bulbs. Installing a dimmer switch on the dashboard can solve this problem.

Citizen well being and connectivity are key players in the game of differentiation among cities all over the world. And a way of achieving these goals is Public lighting and High mast lighting; Lighting up led street light and Public lighting roads lamps enhance the comfort. Security and overall safety of our rapidly growing urban environments.
LED (light emitting diode) lamps are the most efficient ones as they produce light at a very low wattage. They are also long lasting than other lamps and use less electricity. However, these lamps have some drawbacks like having yellowish tint and breaking easily. In order to compensate for these weaknesses, car owners use standard incandescent lamps.
Public lighting installations are made with the help of relay controllers and sensor systems. These control systems detect vehicles and pedestrians in the street and determine the amount of illumination needed. As it is visible from the traffic safety point of view, drivers are expected to follow the rules and stay in control of their vehicles. Pedestrians need to be avoided because they might trigger an emergency stop switch activated by the driver. Public lighting systems also incorporate camera control systems to ensure safety in the city.

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